COVID-19 Precautions

Your health is a top priority. I have made sure to follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 facility cleaning protocols here at the physical therapy office.

Masks are required to enter the building. There is a sign as you enter the PT office to remind everyone to wear a mask and there is a stack of clean masks on the table next to the sign.

I have installed a special mat on the floor just inside the door as you enter the office which gets covered with disinfectant solution so as you enter and step on the mat the bottom of your shoes is cleaned of germs. The office is mopped with Clorox in between patients and the mat disinfecting everyones shoes helps maintain a germ free environment.

I have installed plexiglass at the front desk so there is an extra layer of protection between you and the front desk staff ( who is still working from home). There are large bottles of hand sanitizer in every room. I have added new HEPA filters to every room to make sure there are no germs floating around in the air.

I have a non contact thermometer which I am using to take everyone’s temperature. I have removed the linen from the treatment table to make it easy to wipe down with antiseptic wipes after each patient. I have removed the towels from the bathroom and stocked up on paper towels. The bathroom and all surfaces a patient might touch during their visit is wiped after each session.

I am limiting the patient treatments to a maximum of 3 per day right now to spread them out enough so there’s time to clean everything in between and also so people do not run into each other in the waiting room. I have asked patients to avoid coming early, the building is not allowing anyone to sit in the lobby. I have been locking the office door more often to prevent the doormen from entering the office especially if I have stepped out, Incase they try to drop off some mail etc and bring in germs with them.

I am always keeping up with the latest reports and any new information that could be added to the office covid 19 protocol will be added. I have no fee for late cancellations. If you think you are not feeling well you can stay home without worrying about paying a fee.

As always my concern is for the best treatment results from every session and I am making sure no one needs to worry about getting covid germs at their session.

I am happy to answer any questions or address any individual concerns.

Please contact me anytime.