Pizza Dough Roller

Use this to roll out the muscles of both thighs. A good activity for when sitting with the legs up on an ottoman watching TV, roll the thigh muscles from knees to top of the thigh basically as high as you can comfortably go when sitting. Use medium pressure so you don’t wind up with bruises. 30 seconds on each leg works but ok to roll longer if that works better.

Tennis Balls in Tube Sock

Put two tennis balls down the end of the sock, tie a knot to keep them in place. Put this on a pillow and lay on top of it with the tennis balls under the neck, this can be moved to different spots up or down. Each ball would be located on either side of the spine. Gently turn the head slightly left and right to get some pressure on different locations. These tennis balls can also be used under the low back or under the butt. The technique is similar just without the pillow. When using the tennis balls on the low back or buttocks lay on the back with the knees bent.


Good for the blood flow to the muscles of the forearms it is recommended for patients to use this daily if the are having some forearm muscle tightening. The roller is basically a steamroller for your arm. You can adjust the tension a bit less or more, then put your hand between the two rollers and roll it up and down the arm from elbow to wrist. Occasionally people have been able to include their hand or even go further up the arm past the elbow.

This is good to use anytime but many patients report using it at the end of the day when they might be tighter from activity during the day. 10-20 rolls up and down works well for most people.

Phone holder

The phone has become increasing problematic for people who are already symptomatic from the computer. Holding the phone down and bending the neck forward creates more strain for already fatigued neck muscles. The phone holder is a way to provide some time when the phone is adjusted to a correct height and allow the use of other gingers for texting. This will decrease the fatigue and overuse of the neck muscles and small muscles of the hand. Alternating muscle use happens when positions are changed and modified. This is a good option to help decrease overuse.

There are many types of phone holders, some are more adjustable than others. They are fairly inexpensive so ideally there could be one in key places where sitting happens more often to increase the potential for it’s actual use.